crack Joshua Tree

[climbimg] joshua tree 登攀記録 part 2

6日目 0

7日目 6
hidden valley campground area
outhouse rock - east face
straight flush 5.8 os crack
wise crack 5.9 fl crack
strawberry jam 5.9 fl crack
outhouse rock - west face
northwest chimney 5.4 os freesolo
intersection rock - north face
lower right ski track 5.10b X crack
intersection rock - south face
the waterchute 5.10b os crack

8日目 3+2
lost horse area
hemingway buttress
dung fu 5.7 os crack
overseer 5.9 follow crack
prepackaged 5.10a os crack
scary poodles 5.11b follow crack
poodles are people too 5.10b X crack

9日目 4
real hidden valley area
the thin wall - east face
conservative policies 5.8 os crack
no calculators allowed 5.10a os crack
the sentinel - west face
illusion dweller 5.10b fl crack
sports challenge rock - east face
clean and jerk 5.10c X crack

10日目 1
hidden valley campground area
the blob - east face
buissonier 5.7 os crack

11日目 0


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