crack Joshua Tree

[climbimg] joshua tree 登攀記録 part 1


2日目 3
hidden valley area
the old women-west face
double cross 5.7+ RP crack
sexy gramma 5.9 rp face
orphan 9+ follow crack
3日目 5
echo rock area
echo cave - touch and go face
touch and go 5.9 X crack
echo rock - north end. west face
stichter quit 5.7 os face
heart and sole 5.10a rp crack
echo rock - south end
pope's crack 5.9 rp crack
little rock candy mountain
m&m's plain 5.9 rp crack
4日目 4
wonderland of rocks area
hidden dome
calgary stampede 5.9 rp crack
tucson bound 5.8 os crack
too secret to find 5.10b X crack
the screaming women 5.10a os crack
5日目 3
geology tour road area
star wars rock
thumbs down left 5.9 rp crack
light saber 5.10b rp crack
cedric's deep sea fish market 5.10d X crack



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