crack Joshua Tree

[climbimg] joshua tree 登攀記録 part 4

14日目 4
split rocks area
future games rock - north face
continuum 5.8 fl crack
invisibility lessons 5.9 os crack
hidden valley campground area
intersection rock - north face
left ski track 5.11a X crack
the old women - west face
dogleg 5.8 os crack

15日目 2+1
wonderland of rocks south area
north astro dome - northeast face
figures on a landscape(multi) 5.10b face 5.10a face 5.9 crack
foolproof tower- east face
yogi the overbear(direct start) 5.10c follow crack
real hidden valley area
sports challenge rock - east face
clean and jerk 5.10c rp crack

16日目 3
the outback area
steve canyon - east face of west wall
the orc 5.10a fl crack
steve canyon - lower east side(west face)
sidewinder 5.10b os crack&face
steve canyon - upper east side(west face)
grain surgery 5.10b X crack&face

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